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Synthroid is synthetic hormone, normally produced by thyroid gland. It is used to control metabolism and regulate the body energy.

Synthroid (often called levothyroxine) is prescribed if the thyroid is unable to produce enough of the natural hormone. Besides hypothyroidism, synthroid is often used to treat goiter or prevent it if a person suffers from hormone imbalance, radiation treatment, or cancer.

If you buy Synthroid without prescription on line, read the instruction leaflet carefully. This drug is not to be taken on certain conditions, like thyrotoxicosis (thyroid disorder), adrenal gland disorder, or in case of any symptoms of heart attack.

Important! Synthroid is not to be taken for the purpose of weight loss due to its impact on metabolism. The regular doses of this drug for people with normal thyroid function are simply non-effective for that purpose and larger doses may be harmful or even life-threatening. Please, keep it in mind if you plan to buy Synthroid with no prescription.

Consult your physician for an appropriate dosage of this drug. Always tell the doctor if you noticed any side effects. Synthroid may interfere with other medications you take, so you need to inform the therapist of all drugs you are currently taking. Which store has cheap 75 mcg Synthroid by mail order.
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